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This is what happens when your teammate is Steph Curry.

Klay Thompson passes the ball to Curry who was wide open. So, Klay thinks Curry is going to take the three and make it. I is the Stephen Curry. And this has become a trend with the Warriors to not even look at the rim when Curry takes a three because it's going to go in anyways.
This time however, Curry decides to pass the ball to Thompson instead. But of course, Klay was already celebrating and moving the ball hits Thompson and the Warriors lose possession.
This meme may be true...but that doesn't mean Curry is going to take 3s whenever he can.
@DucktheFodgers hahaha truuu. do you watch the college ball? my boys the Orange are in the final four, baby!
@InVinsybll But once again we its all good 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
I can't believe that Thompson did that. he must've been kicking himself afterwards
Daaang, so much hostility going on in this comment section lol.
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