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SasuSaku Tbh, I've never hugged someone for a long time. I really just miss that feeling of that someone I once fell head over heels with. c: I just hope they're doing well in school and not get into trouble just like in middle school. Can't help but remembered that we both promised we'd do good in highschool. c; Man, gotta miss playing around. Even if they did try to get my attention and play with my feelings, I still can't forget them. Who's your special someone?
I thought this was cute is all so I'm actually half the SasuSaku fan (and maybe some SasuNaru ig). xD
Am I the only one that doesn't like them as a couple? I'm really curious lol
@koifries Sakura deserves no one lol my opinion is she's useless (and strongly "dislike" her but shush I'm trying to be nice) but yeah Naruto and sasuke make a better couple haha
@BloodStrider Oh, well who do you think fits who better? :I Like who would be Sakura's husbu or something. o.o
@koifries not a fan of those two nor really Naruto and hints
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