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Ending my night with my beautiful men, can i fangirl? please *puppy eyes" Too bad ive already begun hehehe omg i absolutely love this song, when ever it comes on i just sing along to it, like i love it so much that ive tried recording myself singing this song but it never worked out cuz i just cant sing XD i know, i have way too much free time but her i cant help it, i love them i even tried to learn the dance, it was a complete disaster and a big fail. no words, no words. and omg i just cant even, i love this song so much, i told Yesung how much i loved it. ( through that letter thing on this song is so cute and every time i meet a non k-poper whose willing to listen to kpop always listens to this song first XD my frineds call me weird but meh its who i am XD a very loving (not obsessed) fangirl when a fangirl is obsessed, all she/he does is stalk, like litterally fly over to Korea and stalk their idols, aka Sarengs, as far as i know, im still on the other side of the world from suju sadly TT.TT people just dont know what they mean when they say obsessed *shrugs*