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Filipino BOICEs have done it again by showing their love for CNBLUE upon their long awaited arrival in the Philippines! According to FNC Entertainment, CNBLUE attracted over a thousand fans during their press conference held at the Mega Mall in Manila, Philippines. Fans packed all three floors of the building just to catch a glimpse of the idol band. CNBLUE prepared blue roses for fans and Yonghwa thanked them by singing his self-created song, "I'm Sorry". Fans also prepared a surprise birthday event for Yonghwa, who celebrates his birthday on the 22nd, by presenting him with a cake and singing, "Happy Birthday", to him. Yonghwa shared, "This is our first time in the Philippines and I am so touched and thankful that many people came out to see us and prepared such a special birthday event. I will return the warm welcome from fans with a great concert tomorrow." CNBLUE got the crowd going wild during their '2013 Blue Moon World Tour' at the Araneta Coliseum on the 15th, and will continue to meet fans across Asia during their next stops in Beijing and Malaysia. ----------------------------------------------------- I spend my weekend spazzing these guys. I went to their presscon, and watched their Blue Moon concert. :") And they're really great! Happy Birthday Yong~!
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love you cn blue