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Ever really want to go see a movie, but nothing good was playing? It's kind of like this, right?

Actually, this happened to me the last time I went. I didn't end up seeing anything, but I am definitely going to go see the new 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' movie this week. (Is anyone else shamelessly obsessed with the original one too?)
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@danidee I would get you an iced馃榿馃榿...and then be thirsty because it be like $20 and I wouldn't be able to get one 馃槥馃槥
@buddyesd :'( RIGHT??? I don't understand why it's like 99 cents at 7-11 but $5 at the theater.
@buddyesd Jerks!!! All of them!!!
@danidee no wonder piratas are so popular 馃槦