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Personally, I really like the song & MV. I know a lot of Kpop fans focus a lot about the hype songs & overall that's really what Block B does! In the past that's really been their thing & it probably always will be with occasional songs like this to switch it up & add variety~ But this song is a new concept for them & I think it shows off the awesome Block B vocal line VERY nicely!! & it also shows the strong rap line as well! I hope many others like the song & will give it & Block B some love >< (the MV doesn't have a high view count so far...but I think they are doing decent in chart rankings so far~)
I did a reaction video...I can't even with B-Bomb....His vocals are LIFE <333 anyways
200 repeats later, p.o's part still kills me and gives me feels
This song is so beautiful...wow
They sang this beautifully and their vocals are so clear! I'm used to their faster pace song so this is a breath of fresh air for me. Love the Spring cherry blossom scenery! :)
@CreeTheOtaku there's something about P.Os part in this song & MV!! He got me too!
I slightly cried when I saw p.o
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