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THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL..... Made me wanna hold my girls tight and beg them to stay little foreverrrrr.....lmao jk.... well maybe I'm being honest lol. He's got such a soothing voice...... Love the strings...it added so much without compromising the guitar. The whole song is just perfection♥
I love how this was recorded too. His voice is so clear - I love it!
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Who is this? I don't I ever heard of him before but his voice kind of reminds me of Ra.d but a tad softer. And it's really sweet of him to include his parents in the MV. I'm a little homesick after listening to this... :(
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Very beautiful! I loved everything about the video!
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@cindystran I think he was on Kpopstar 3? I didn't watch but I'm pretty sure that's what I read somewhere.
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This is really soothing to hear~~~
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