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Comic writer & artist Ming Doyle dropped this teaser image - and boy do I hope it really happens!!!

A few of the product names I can make out:

- Strawberry Empower-mint Lip Balm
- Goddess Lips Lipstick
- Grace and Power Nail Polish Set
- Comic Beauty Book
- Paradise Eye-land Eye Palette
- and more!!!
Walgreens previous collections have had various levels of quality (usually the products are made by e.l.f!), but I have high hopes for this one :) Especially that AWESOME eye palette!!!
I still am bummed I never got this Pocahontas one they did a while back for one of their Disney collections, ugh! I always keep an eye out for it in case it shows up on a makeup exchange board, lol.

While this Wonder Woman collection doesn't come out till May, I'm going to try to keep my eye out for it :)

@cindystran Yeah! They started making them a while back, I only found out because my friends freaked out over certain ones lol
I have no idea Walgreens have cool stuff like this! I love the Pocahontas palette!