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As the rush of people excited about the new Sweet Peach eye shadow palette from Too Faced fill my feeds, I can't help by wonder why in the world people are excited that their makeup palette smells like candy peach rings.
The palette is beautiful, I adore the colors, heck, I might even want to buy it....but the idea that it's going to reek of candy peach rings for the first few days at least is a total turn off to me.
I felt the same what when I heard that the Too Faced chocolate palettes smell like chocolate....am I just missing the appeal of my makeup being heavily (and artificially, I assume) scented?
I did read that the chocolate scent in the shadows at least are because the shadows are formulated with cocoa powder, but somehow I think there's still something very not-real in that smell!
When I think "scented makeup" I immediately think of the immense amounts of roll on glitter I used to buy from Bath & Body Works (was I the only one who ALWAYS wore grape scented purple glitter?!), but that is not exactly a fond memory for me!
(Dear Mom: Thank you for always buying me so many of these ridiculous Art Stuff products. Only now do I see the error of my ways!!!)

So what do you think about scented makeup?

Yay or nay???

@jordanhamilton @MyAffairWith Ugh, yeah. Personally I really hope the smell doesn't actually last on the product....if its just in the palette okay, but after that....hmmm....
Yeah, as long as it doesn't linger
@hikaymm yeah I agree as well. On the palette ok no where else
@MyAffairWith I haven't seen any bad reviews for people with these that don't normally have reactions thankfully :)
Yay!!!! I love scented makeup. Let's just hope it doesn't cause any negative reaction for me on my skin :D
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