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So I'm doing this awesome challenge (you should do it too! & tag me!) with @Lexxcisco and today is Day Ten!
Most Underrated Artist!
So, there are TONS of Kpop artists out there, and even with so many fans, it's hard to have every group have a crazy following like SuJu or Exo or BTS or even groups that are just starting to get the fame they deserve like Block B. SO. It was kind of hard for me to choose an underrated group, however... personally, I've chosen:

THE ROYAL PIRATES (or RP as they're now being called ;) )

So honestly, I know there are a bunch of RP fans out there on Vingle, and I'm proud to count myself among them. I love them because I really like the rock style of music (I used to work for a punk/pop/rock music label) and getting to mix it with kPop is AMAZING. I also love the fact that they speak English, so the excruciating wait that you might find with other groups videos is not always the same. :)
Here have some really goot ASC/RP love. *nods* They've been on the show three times, (and Moon was a guest MC once) but these two are my favorite. *nods*
So, three members of this awesome group include Kim Moon (Moon), James Lee, and SooYoon (EXSY). Moon plays guitar and is lead vocals, James plays keyboard and does vocals, and SooYoon plays drums and vocals as well. James played bass in the band up until last summer, when he was in an accident, which caused him to be unable to play bass anymore.
My Bias is James. Mostly because he's a crazy ridiculously awesome type, and I kind of just want to shout "no just go away" in his face all the time.
Another cool thing about them is that some of their songs are in both Korean and English! Here's the two versions of one of their earlier songs, Drawing the Line. :)
And here are music videos from their other albums, including their newest single, Run Away!
SO, I hope you've enjoyed this little escape to piratetown. I mean, you've met the royalty, so there's that.
This has been Day 10(ish) of the kPop Challenge! More to come!
Tagging a few folks! Let me know if you want to be tagged/untagged :)
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I love love love their song Run Away and So Dangerous. 💓💓💓