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My friend Olivia and I have the best cooking dynamic.

I'm the baker, she's the decorator. She hates getting her hands flour-y (isn't that the best part?) and she can't crack an egg to save her life (alright, that's an exaggeration)

Here are some of my favorite things we've made and the memories associated:

(pictures, sadly, aren't mine!)

1. Earl Grey Cupcakes and Lavender Icing

I love Earl Grey tea. Anything with Earl Grey (or even better, Lady Grey tea) is bound to be delicious. It reminds me of my time in London and that's specifically why we chose to make it that day.
It was the day she forced me to watch half of the first season of Sherlock. It's her specialty: making me marathon TV shows with her (Sherlock, Teen Wolf, Shadowhunters...)
We ended up forgetting to get lavender so we just made cream cheese icing :)
Here's a recipe!

2. Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Have you ever had a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie!? No?! CHANGE THAT RIGHT NOW. They are soooo good! If you'd rather not add choco chips then you should definitely add chai icing because its unbelievable.
We made these one Halloween because we were HUGE My Chemical Romance fans and wanted to celebrate the guitarist's birthday (which, yes, is Halloween) We spent the night handing out candy and eating the ENTIRE batch.
Here's a recipe!

3. Black and White Cookies

Alright so this was a total failure. We should have left this one to the professionals.
We had both been accepted to universities in NYC and decided to celebrate by making one of my favorite Italian cookies you can get in NY/NJ. THE BLACK AND WHITE COOKIE.
Possibly because neither of us are Italian, possibly because we just don't have the magic touch, the cookies weren't as good as the original. Didn't stop us from eating them all though!
Here's a recipe!

Do you have any recipes that remind you of your friends?!

Vingle party at @sophiamour's place everybody....she has her bake on!!!
Baking is such a fun activity to bond relationships. My sisters and I aren't great bakers but we love inventing new dishes from the kitchen. Also, Sherlock is a great choice for t.v. marathon. Props to your friend, Olivia. :)
I love black and white cookies too! They definitely remind me of my childhood in NJ. I actually had a co-worker from NJ too when I was working at a cafe, and his girlfriend made him black and white cookies for his birthday. She'd never even had one before! That's love.