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First of all my makeup collection is almost non-existent. The only things I own are 1 eyeliner, 1 mascara, and two lipsticks. On the other hand, I have a skincare collection which I need to organize better. I've been using white containers and jars to store stuff but I think i can make it much prettier.
@hikaymm wrote a card asking for makeup organizing suggestions and it was the perfect excuse for me to start brainstorming my own skincare vanity collection. Here are some pretty ideas I collected!
This girl is a genius for using empty candle containers to store her brushes and lipsticks.
Anyone know where to find a gold metallic holder like the one above? I need one!
Great idea for keeping those polishes in one place and still look pretty.
I like the two tier cupcake stand idea but Instead of storing lipsticks and liners I think this would be a nice display for skin care products.
Don't have space on the table? Add some extra clasps to the shower rod. This will free up save and make it easier to reach for your facial cleanser and scrub.
A in-home Sephora makeup counter is not too hard to achieve. Learn from this smart setup!
How does everyone store their makeup or skincare? Maybe we can share what our current beauty collection look like?
that last one is amaaaazzzinngggg!!! I don't think any of my organizing will every be this minimalist but great inspiration :)
Hobby Lobby has great containers as well as the container store! Loved this post, very inspirational!
@ZoeMe That was me when I had a bag full of skincare junk and a couple of makeup products. I got tired of cleaning the bag and started to use containers instead. It helped me sort out my essentials so I don't have to dig through the bag in the morning.
@TessStevens I love the container store! I always walk out with so much organization tips.
I store all my stuff in a bag that doesn't exactly hold it all xD I don't have room to store my makeup in the bathroom either