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Hayyyyy. is for horses, but Hey is for you.
SO, I'm doing this rad challenge thing (With @Lexxcisco) and of course, like everything else, I let, well everything else, get in the way, but I'm working my way back now! SO, here it is, day eleven!
Female Biases!
My first (but not UB) is Bae Suzy. She's gorgeous and she has a fantastic voice. (this is true of a lot of my FB's) There's also that whole LMH thing, which I am, admittedly, very jealous about. #Minozforlife
My second female bias is Ailee! I love her style, and last year just before her comeback she broke her foot. She didn't, like some people would have, put the comeback on hold, instead she went along and did everything she could to be there for her fans.
The third bias I'm gonna share with you today is the queen herself, CL.
I legit don't have anything else to say.
This has been, day eleven of the kPop Challenge, stay tuned. Boys tomorrow. ;)
Tagging a few folks! Let me know if you want to be tagged/untagged :)