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My friends and I always think that we should have our own TV show, but maybe we're already starring in a movie!

Find out which movie bromance is TOTALLY you and your BFF!

Here's how:

1. Answer all 5 questions
2. Scroll down for your results!

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Toy Story:

You and your BFF argue pretty much all the time, but its all out of love. You're very different people but that's what makes the magic happen. You get each other into trouble, push each other out of your comfort zones, and best of all you always have each others' back.

Harry Potter:

You two always seem to be in some kind of trouble, but it isnt always your fault. You tend to be the one dragging your friend into the ridiculous situations, but they are always ready for anything. You guys are a magical team!

Some Like It Hot:

You and your BFF are masters of disaster. The two of you get into so much mischief that its just part of being friends. If one of you needs help, the other is always there no matter what - even if it means faking their identity and running from the mob. You'd do it ;)

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure:

Every day is an adventure for you two. You can turn something so boring and silly into the most ridiculously fun thing all because of your crazy friend chemistry. You two are excellent to each other, and there is pretty much nothing you guys can't do.

21 Jump Street:

You two truly complete each other. While most people think that you two have lost your minds, you both know that you're the...well, you agree with them that you've lost your minds ;) You two are meant to be partners for life! You'll take a bullet for each other - literally!
@luna1171 thats what my friend and i got too!
I got 21 Jump Street lol.. very funny.. never thought of it that way. .but I guess that's how it is..
me and my bestie = D's me and my sister = A's pretty much true for both lol
Bill & Ted
Mostly Cs: Joe & Jerry. So true lol
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