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This is based on the screenshot game by @Sarabear1021 & @AshleyEmmert which you can find my results card here.
This kind of exploded? So it's gonna be in two posts. <3
It was one of those SM promo events where they expected everyone involved in the company to attend and be involved. Family was invited, and so everyone brought their kids to the annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was one of the few events that felt almost foreign to me while I was staying in Korea. Egg hunts were a super western thing in my mind, and I hadn’t expected to see something like that. I’d chosen to leave behind the things I’d been accustomed to in the US. That decision was one I made back when I’d accepted my first job abroad. Back when I worked as an artist liaison at Abbey Road. Back before I even though of Korea as a possible work location. Now, here I was, with a bunch of kids, and a bunch of grown-ass men who were acting like children.
Since I moved to Seoul, to SM, I’d been assigned to work specifically with EXO, their popular boyband. It had taken me a while to get comfortable, but now that I’d been around for two years, things had cleared up and I was happy. Though, I mused, things had changed yet again a few months ago. It had begun when I’d started losing weight. How cliché is that, right? Anyways, Everyone started treating me different. It felt like I was on one of those extreme makeover shows, except I’d only been working hard on my appearance for the past year. I finally got to the point where I shouted at the boys one day. They’d been acting super strange, and I’d had enough. It was probably the worst mistake I’d ever made with them. Hell, Yixing looked like a kicked puppy. The next day Suho took me aside and explained that they’d been worried that they’d lose me to the star side if I kept getting more pretty. At the time I’d only laughed it off and assured their leader I wasn’t going to go anywhere. It was only after, when things changed again that I realized perhaps that wasn’t entirely true. So, when things changed again, it seemed like they were still treating me weird, but now they all wanted to spend more time with me, to have me be the one follow them to a set or the studio or wherever, being near. That’s why this whole hunt was turning into a circus. The boys had been arguing about whether they would help me and finally, I told them straight up, no. I was sick of people giving me special treatment because I was “thinner.”
The day of the hunt was beautiful. It was like SM had called in a favor to mother nature. We got to the dorm early as to get the boys started early, and give them plenty of time to be recorded hunting for the colorful eggs. When we arrived, it seemed that nearly all of them were antsy about the day, and I shook my head slightly, noting that not quite everyone was awake. I looked to the kitchen and my vision was slowly consumed by the approaching figure of Chanyeol. I looked up (because honestly, who doesn’t have to?) and he crouched down and shaking his head, informed me that their leader still seemed to be missing. That wasn’t like Junmyeon, and I nodded, heading to where I knew his room was. I knocked on the door, and it was answered by a soft acquiescence. I opened it, and was automatically nervous. Not because I was alone with one of the guys, but because I was alone with Junmyeon and he seemed uncomfortable. I took a breath and went over, tipping my head to try and look into his eyes, but mine didn’t meet his. His were staring a hole in the carpet by his feet. I knelt down beside him, poking his knee softly, looking up into his face, knowing the look in his eyes.
“You shouldn’t go doing that in the morning… it’s going to ruin your whole day.” I felt his body tense slightly, the air becoming somehow cooler. He hated when I brought up things like this, but when the day was all about making the company happy, and not the fans, it was important to confront the issue. “Look at me Suho.” His eyes lifted ever so slightly from the imaginary burn mark they’d charred into the floor, to meet mine, and I could see him visibly relax.
“But they’re not wrong…” I shook my head at his words.
“It doesn’t matter.” A small crease formed between his eyebrows and I shook my head again. “It does not matter JunMyeon. You are an amazing person, a fantastic leader, and so ridiculously talented that no one knows what to do with you.” I reached up, trying to press the crease still denting his forehead, but he leaned back, knowing me far too well for my comfort. I let my hand drop, leaning it gently on his knee. “Suho, it doesn’t matter. There will always be people who don’t like things. There’s always yin and yang. Two sides to every coin, regardless of their thoughts, you’ve gotta let it go.” I gave his knee a slight squeeze before standing, offering him my hand. “Let’s go find all the eggs so no one else can have any.” He frowned slightly, and I laughed. “Okay fine, let’s go find some of the eggs and share.” I rolled my eyes, and dropped my hand from where it had been outstretched to him. Turning for the door I let my fingers dance over the fringe near his ear. I’m not even sure why I did it. I could feel my hand clench as I left, perhaps a bit more quickly than I’d admit to myself.
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Ill admit i dont know a single member of EXO, but if you keep writing more ill have to learn them. Love it so far!
This is really good! :)
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