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Easy Hairstyling Ideas for Lobs
I had a bob couple months ago but it's slowly getting longer and I need to do something about it so it doesn't look like a mop. Well, I stumbled upon a blog called the Beauty Department and found a few hairstyles that are simple enough for my lifestyle and feminine enough so my hubby won't have anymore excuses to call me John Lennon.

The Halfsie!

Double Up

Bang Bang

Anyone have any great styling ideas for short hair?
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I usually go for the bang bang or a variation of the double up
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@MyAffairWith You're very classy! I tried doing the double do but my hair is too soft so it wouldn't hold in place. It's hard to create a semi bouffant look.
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@cindystran awww thank you!!! :) But I would like to learn more styles for my short hair. And truth be told, I've always loved classy styles :D
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