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Ok so me and my friends decided that they would come over to my house and play games, eat, etc. We pretty much just had a party for no reason haha.
So in the middle of everything I just thought to my self, "If I introduce them to Kpop will they think of me differently, or will they love it like I do?" I thought about it, but in the end I ended up showing them, and we started off with my first group BTS After they watched a few of their MV's, they LOVED it!! I was so happy!
After that they started choosing a Bias (they got a little fierce Lol) Since Jungkook is my Bias they chose from the remaining six members
I showed them other groups like Got7, Big Bang, Seventeen, EXO, F(x), and LOTS of other ones. I'm so glad that they're FINALLY into Kpop!! Yay!!
P.S. Their first KDrama (including mine) was Boys Over Flowers
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ooooo my first kdrama was my love from another star but I am going to check out boys over flowers