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Kim Hyun Joong prefers not to use a Smart Phone. Recently, Kim Hyunjoong who met up with eNews said to this, ”Smartphones are inconvenient, whereas a normal phonepiece is convenient”. In fact, Kim Hyunjoong’s handphone was recently spoilt and he actually got a new handphone too. Despite given the chance to, he still again selected and went for a folder phone. A related personnel from his agency has commented, ”Kim hyunjoong doesn’t show any kind of stark interest to any latest gadget and whatsnot”, ”He finds that smartphones are inconvenient and has insisted to use the original style of phone that he’s always been using”. source:
wow... KHJ, I guess you like sime things... Cool
lols my oppa I m not into smartphones as well its annoying when I decide to finally use one now lol ;-)
well, is weird. .but till I can teach him really well...
he is just simple
how can one NOT like smart phone! But I guess that's Hyunjoong for you; he's unique <3