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I just finished listening to one of my favorite band's comeback track and I was reminded of this quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The band used to be six members but out of the blue one member was dropped out to an unexpected event. No one really knows the whole story but one thing I know for sure it was probably not easy for either side to let go. They were one of the most successful debuts of 2015 and many opportunities were ahead of them. However, that might not be route for everyone. Not matter what the decision was made and everyone including fans should support them, move on, and let them find their happiness.
A different situation I had to witness from a close friend. During her senior year of college, she muster the courage to end a toxic relationship. It was a little late but it was better than never. After the breakup she was the brightest and liveliest I've ever seen her. A toxic relationship is like a leash that chain up all your happiness. Even if you have to disrupt the pattern of familiarity you have to do what you got to do.
"I hope you live a life you are proud of, and if you find that you're not. I hope you have the strengthen to start over again." -F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ending this card with one of my favorite song: A Fine Frenzy - Now is the Start
Hey Do you hear, do you hear That sound It's the sound of the lost gone found It's the sound of a mute gone loud It's the sound of a new start"
I totally resonate with this, my friend also recently got out of a toxic relationship and it was so good to see her bloom after it ended. I think it reminded her of what she is truly capable of, whereas when she was with him, she could only see what he was telling her she was capable of :(
I love A Fine Frenzy! And yes, its so easy to forget that there are some situations you can get yourself out of. I've been in a lot of personal and professioanly relationships I thought I was sort of stuck in :/ Not a good feeling.