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Maka does get to completely resonate and sync with Soul I think Ruby would win because she already has inhuman strength and is incredibly fast, her bullets also give her a ranged advantage. I know a lot of people want to say (but they're dust bullets, not actual bullets", and while they are technically dust bullets, they pack enough punch to send her flying into the air several stories up off of one shot. As long as Ruby can keep her distance and attack from the sides and/or behind, this would be an easy victory
Definitely Maka no doubt. She defeated so many with just willpower and took on so much damage, yet defeated her enemies. Plus the kishin. She held her own and even when she was close to defeat she still got up.
Death Battle my otaku friends best way to settle it
@ashchrimson well in the anime she's a hybrid, in the manga she's just a meister
Maka, hands down. their soul resonance is unbeatable, where Soul is able to transmit madness wavelength to boost their power and their black blood defense. Maka has this one.
I agree with the person who posted it. the dust can be formulated to so a lot of things. the bullets can actually kill someone if they're hit enough
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