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While you may think you know your prospective husband inside and out, we all know that the only woman that knows him like the back of her hand will always be his mother. There have been cases where a man's mother and his future wife battle for a place in his life. It's never that serious. I believe that at the end of the day a man will always love his mother and if he is committed enough to put a ring on a woman's hand he will love her in the same manner. While I do believe that a man will always love his mother on a deeper level than he does his wife, I don't believe that the two should necessarily fight for a spot in the man's life.
Women should have a decent, if not close knit relationship with the mother of the groom because if it wasn't for her, there would be no him. Not saying you must be best friends, but it might work out in your favor to create some sort of bond between the time you're dating to the time you walk down the aisle and thereafter. If you plan on marrying someday, get to know your future husbands mother even if she doesn't seem to rub you the right way all the time. Curious as to why this is a very important relationship? Keep scrolling and find out for yourself.

She Will Always Be Around

No matter how much you like her, the mother of your future husband will always be in his life -- especially if he's a mama's boy. It's better to get used to it now than try and do so later on down the road.

She Has Probably Been In Your Shoes Before

Whether you believe it or not, she's probably been where you're currently at. If she is or was previously married, she probably had to create a relationship with her husbands mother as well. She knows what you're going through.

She Knows Her Son Like The Back Of Her Hand

If you ever need advice or want to know how to cook your future husbands favorite soup recipe when he is sick, reach out to his mother. She knows better than anyone else and she can help you out way more than you would like to think.

She's Probably Not As Bad As You Make Her Seem

Cut her some slack and give her a chance. Yes, he's your future husband. Yes, that's his mother, but you both have a special place in his life. It's not about who comes in first place -- it's about making him smile at the end of the day. Appreciate her as much as possible because without her, there would be no him.

Do you think a close relationship with the mother of your husband is important?

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It does make it hard though when you break up @jordanhamilton :( a part of me still misses his family too! haha
@buddyesd 馃槒馃
That's so true! It's almost like you're breaking up with their parents as well @nicolejb
@nicolejb My ex's family is still like family, even though it's been 8 years since we broke up... but he's also one of my best friends, though. It was hard for my boyfriend to accept it at first, but now he understands we're just friends. His gramma is one of my favorite people in the world!
@TurtleyTurtles awww well that turned out well for you then! :) I'm like casual friends with my ex but definitely not best friends. Maybe someday!