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I've realized I have not posted in some time!! I'm so sorry. ;0; I've been so busy lately with school but I have some makeup stuff I can share at the moment so here we go.
I did this one a few weeks ago. I felt pretty nice!
HERE IS MY 80's LOOK I was doing a makeuptest to cosplay baekhyun. But lmaoooo Nope I ended up lookin like a 80's mom
Last week on Friday I did a makeup test with my friend. Our theme was steampunk.
Here is my Easter makeup!
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Beautiful! You kind of look like Sehun from EXO! Where did you find that wig though? It looks cute!
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@HairConfetti YEHET lmao my facial structure is similar to his a bit? Oh the wig?! I bought it on amazon for I think 10 maybe 11 dollars??
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@HairConfetti I am sehuns brother. Lmao
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