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It's all good until the tab comes.

While I have absolutely no problem going dutch on a date, it's always nice for a man to offer. It's called common courtesy. We live in a day and age where women will pull out their wallet as soon as the bill is placed on the table and you know what? I think that's perfectly fine, but I also think a man telling a woman that he has it all under control is equally fine.
I stumbled across an article this weekend from a woman's point of view as to why she won't date a man who won't let her pick up the check. started reading the article and had to stop myself in my tracks. It's okay to be independent, Destiny's Child made that super cool -- but it's another thing to be a prude. Allowing a man to generously take you out and pay for a quaint meal between the two of you is not a cry for help. You're not sending the wrong impression, you're doing what most human beings used to call a date. I have absolutely no clue what it's called now since letting someone pick up the bill has become such an issue.
I'll admit, it takes me a few times before I agree for a man to treat me to a meal or the like, but don't get me wrong -- I have no problem with him doing so. Every woman wants to be treating like a Queen and every man wants to be treated like a King, but we've taking the smallest situations and blown them up into something so much bigger than what they really are.
Of course, a man should appreciate a woman who can handle her own, but a woman should also appreciate a man who is willing to provide and treat her every now and then. Ladies, it's okay to fen for yourself, but if that man wants to 'wine you and dine you' -- let him.

Should who picks up the bill be such a big deal?

First date: Yes! You can pay. What I don't like is guys who consistently pay and attribute it to "being the man." I get it if you have the money and want to treat me. I don't get it if their is some attachment to paying and being a man. If that make sense. Like you don't have to prove your "manhood" to me by paying.
@jordanhamilton exactly. I've had a couple of relationships where money was a problem. Like, once we're 4 years in, you can spare the money to help pay my insurance, especially if I'm carting you around everyday! I think at that point, my money is your money, and vice versa. Unless we're still living separately, I guess.
If I ask someone out, I pay, but I don't assume everyone feels the same way and always offer/try to go half. I know other people feel differently but as long as you're up front about where you're coming from I don't think it's a huge deal? Though if you can't see eye to eye on this relatively small thing you probably won't see eye to eye on more important things either!
yeah, once it gets serious or we are married -- my money will always be your money for sure @TurtleyTurtles
Definitely makes sense! And I feel like honestly a lot of guys do attribute paying for a woman to that. It definitely shouldn't be like that though. @nicolejb
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