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Hey there!!!! So yea, this is my very first card, and I'm so excited to finally be making this ^-^!!!!! So since this is my first card, I thought I'd do...10 FACTS ABOUT ME

1. Hobi is my UB. His smile, his eyes, and just his personality in general is just so amazing

2. Min Yoongi and Yoon Sanha are my ultimate bias wreckers...Ugh Yoongi's gummy smile, his ever changing hair colors...Sanha's adorable personality, and he's only 16! (I have a chance, only a 1 year ago gap ) Forgive me Hobi

3. I'm very obsessed with Neko Astume

4. My first K-Pop group was EXO, back in 2014

5. My favorite groups are BTS, EXO, ASTRO and Seventeen ^-^

6. My all time favorite show is The Walking Dead. Carl is life....

7. I don't care much for school, but its just something I gotta do, can't disappoint Yoongi

8. I am currently 14, but I will be turning 15 in a few months (random EXO spam, sorry, just have a bunch of pictures of them )

9. I love to take pictures, sing and dance (even tho I can't dance to save my life)

10. I've actually felt really embaressed about the way I looked for about a month after I got into EXO, all because Luhan is prettier than me

Well I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a little better, and I (J)hope we can all be friends ^-^ I've been on Vingle for almost 4 months now, and this is my very first card. I'll try to make more cards in the future. Bye!
I love the walking dead!!!! I love Darryl and glen and Rick and Shane was pretty great looking even though his character sucked ! And Astro are my babies Sanha is the cutest little thing just too young for me , exo was my first group and they are a bunch of idiots lol but feel free to tag me in any posts !
Welcome, welcome my friend to the magical world of Vingle. Nice to meet youuuuuu!!!!
ASTRO BTS FOR THE WIN Eunwoo is the one that stole my heart and ran away with it >-> I'm having to fight San ha and Binnie off with a stick cause they're trying to break me too. lol
OMG, I love the Walking Dead!! Glenn is literal perfection in my book
Please tag me in your future cards..I have a few things to say! 1. Sanha will be mine if it doesn't work out with Jimin and I. 2. We are the same age 馃槃 3. Nice to meet you!!!!! 4. Rick from the Walking Dead managed to steal my heart 馃槀馃槀馃槏