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hey everyone a lot of us know how cool it would be to be a hero and we know how stressful it can also be to be one. I can though I would make this card to honor some of our heros who have it a little harder than others.
the X men our favorite bunch of heros who fights crime in secret and also have to deal with personal issues themselves. it's bad enough they have to deal with there own past but to be a breed of super heros who's constantly being out casted by society because of there mutant genes can get to them at some point even rough wanted to get rid of her powers at some point just to live a normal life,and hank is pretty much the representative of all mutants as far as dealing with the government about equal rights and desegregation.
my fav.... I mean our favorite Web slinger (still my favorite) is known for doing amazing things and defeating impossible foes just to protect new York or the world. but to only be a teenager and keep a curfew is bad enough hes constantly slandered by the one man who literally gives him his pay checks..... got to make a living some how
our favorite avenger captin America makes this list not only for for all he's done for his country but but the fact that he lost everything he once loved and cared for during the war and to adjust to a new life style in a new time can be difficult for our adaptable but simple soilder
do I really need to explain myself about hulk.... it's tough banner has to be hulk and everyone fears or hated him but to not only be separated from your wife by the military but the one one in charge if the hulk buster team is your father in law
the silver surfer is known for having a tough life being kidnapped by galatus and to be his Harold for him is one thing but to have galatus send your planet some were in the galaxy and have no idea were he send it to sucks now he's constantly surfs the universe looking for zen la
the Cape crusade makes this list for many reasons aside from his parents death. batman at some point has came to realize Gotham can only be safe as long he is batman even if it means he has to give up on love, marriage, happiness, and a social life. shure he has all the Robins and bat girls he trained but at some point the baby bats left the cave and our mother bat had to do it alone again
static shock is is our lovable eletric hero who is or was our favorite young hero whos had a tough life to cope with at a young age. one thing static has tough on him besides a superhero life is the fact his family and best friends live in a not to we'll neighborhood were anything can happen to them. (I kinds relate to this because I know what is like) not only this but all of the bang baby's he fights are former friends and classmates he once knew before the race on race fight which let to everyone obtaining there powers. aside from all of this virgle still keeps a positive vibe and fights to keep his city and neighborhood safe.
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I love this! Glad to see Static made the list