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Let's face it, if you've got sushi on your mind for your wedding reception, chances are it's merely a pipe dream because of just how expensive it is!
Well, there's always a way around it and getting what you want--at least a slight version of what you want, that is.
My recommendation is that you partner with a reputable restaurant to provide the sushi and the chefs for your event. Further, instead of serving sushi for lunch/dinner, serve it as passed hors d'oeuvres during cocktail hour. This means you won't have to "feed" people with gobs and gobs of fish.
Also, when you go with a "chef's special," typically, it will be cheaper per piece than special ordering custom sushi. This is because they may have over abundance of a certain fish, or more ingredients to create a roll, etcetera.
Point is, you can have your sushi dream, just scaled back and during cocktail hour, when everyone is just starting to whet their appetites for dinner.
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