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With technology had its highest peak , the new best thing are virtual reality headsets. With Oculus starting this trend, there are other companies that are diving in the field~ Samsung, Sony, and HTC. I want to talk about Sony's PlayStation VR.
The reason this VR is sooooooo important to me is because of the gaming. To play with the VR, you need a PlayStation 4, PlayStation Camera, and Move Controllers , which I have. To play with the Oculus Rift VR or the HTC Vive VR, you need a PC with A LOT of space. With Samsung, you need a Galaxy phone, which lowers the variety of games you can really play. PlayStation VR or PSVR for short is already guaranteeing a good variety of PS games including Final Fantasy XIV.
Another thing that comes to mind is the game SAO. PlayStation already has SAO games for PS3,PS4, and PS vita. My question is that will PlayStation make a Sao game compatible with PSVR? Japan has already started working on bringing SAO to life, but will we see glimpse of the real SAO with the PSVR headset? The PSVR is set to come out in October of 2016(no actual release date). Are you getting the PSVR or any other VRs? Or are you staying with a regular console? Tell me in the comment section.
Not getting any gear any time soon but it's cool to see all these developments!
^ Launch Bundle also includes PlayStation Worlds
FYI the pre order prices came out Core Bundle (PSVR and required wires) ~ $399 Launch Bundle (PSVR, required wires, PS Camera, 2 move controllers, and headphones) ~$499
I will get the PSVR when that is come out, but also consider the price of that..
also, my username is this now instead of vinmccarthy, just fyi
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