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I've recently become a huge fan of the cosmetic line that focuses on skincare before makeup known as Glossier [see here]. This line of beauty products is for the everyday woman who wants to wear makeup without wearing makeup. While I've only purchased three items from this specific line, I immediately fell in love with each one -- especially 'boy brow'.
This product in particular is a brow pomade that comes in a range of three colors and natural brings your brows to life. If you're a fan of a natural looking brow with a bit of 'mph', boy brow is the perfect product for you. There are several brow products on the market that will not only hold your brows in place, but will give them that natural definition we all long for. If you're interested in this product, keep scrolling to see a brief video including my short list of pros and cons below.

Pros Of Boy Brow:

- sleek and cute packaging
- more affordable than your typical brow product
- easy to apply
- small applicator wand makes applying less messy
- assortment of colors to match brow shade
- doesn't transfer after applying to brows
- keeps them in place throughout the day
- easy to remove

Cons Of Boy Brow:

- absolutely none

Would you give this brow product a try?

Trust me, it's worth every penny.
yeah I would like too it's soo cool
Vaseline def does the trick, but you're so right about the summertime playing a huge factor. I definitely recommend this product though. it gets the job done and your brows still look super natural @cindystran
I've been using the vaseline trick to tame my brows but it's not the best option especially during summer time. It gives an unwanted shine. This product sounds perfect for my brows condition. I have to give it shot!
I need to give that a try. My brows need to be tamed lol
It doesn't look like the right brow product for me. I don't have enough hair on mine, so I need something that will actually fill in the holes. I feel like I'm doomed to use a pencil forever!
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