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omg i almost forgot to tell you guys XD this isn't a bad thing but i completely exploded on my friend when he said "k-pop is silly" we were talking after we finished our finals and we were communicating through notes, "im bored" "play with the spring of your pen" *plays but it somehow gets lost* "im bored" then he asked me something but i forget what it was, but my other friend took the piece of paper and said something about me and loving k-pop and being obsessed and he took the paper back after she finished and wrote "k-pop is silly" and then he passed the paper to me and i darted glares at him and wrote "Oh Fuck to the No. k-pop ain't no game, do NOT insult k-pop in front of me, i will decapitate you and proudly go to jai- that's going a bit to far but u know what i mean, o but seriously don't talk about k-pop like that" plus some other things that i forgot he wasn't offended or anything but he began laughing and recited my words with a really funny accent and instead of being 'angry' i couldn't help but laugh i was thinking on the inside "imma go all Brian Joo on u" lol
@tokyopop lol XD
Lol thats so true. My bf said that gd looks like a girl. I was thinking, "she totally going to get her ass kick after homeroom." lol