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Hello battle Nakama!

It's time for the first match of the Super Sunday Rise From the Dead Tournament! If you haven't seen the announcement card: check it out here!

Today's match up is an intense fight between the Namakian Piccolo of Dragon Ball and the Black Swordsman Guts of Berserk!


The once evil Namakian and former half of the former guardian of earth; Piccolo is among the strongest of fighters. Ally to earths strongest hero, Son Goku, Piccolo offers his strength to help protect the earth from the strongest of enemies. Piccolo was once a threat to earth being born by the demon king and separated from the guardian of earth. Piccolo of course changed his ways after a bigger threat to earth was seen in the form of the Saiyans and he teamed up with his once rival, Son Goku, and trained his son, Gohan. Piccolo would fuse with another Namakian known as Nail and gain great power, enough to combat the strongest tyrant in the universe, Frieza, in his second form. Piccolo would also go on to fuse with the Earth's guardian the one simply known as Kami. Kami and Piccolo where once one being so this fainted Piccolo far more strength one that surpasses even a Super Saiyan; a being once believed to be the ultimate power. Piccolo uses many special powers including: the Hellzone Grenade; blast of energy surrounding his opponent and hitting them with full force. The special Beam Cannon; a powerful drill attack that can go through his opponents, this attack does have a weakness as it takes some time to charge. The light grenade a single, quick shot of energy meant to hit his opponent fast and hard.

Piccolo is a formidable opponent with many great strengths and techniques.


Also know as the Black Swordsman, Guts is a man of incredible strength. Guys childhood was no picnic to say the least. He was born of a dead mother (yes you read that right). Guys was found and brought up by a mercenary group and started his training in swordsmanship at the age of six. Guys would be forced to kill his mentor and trainer, Gambino, after Gambino tried to kill Guts when he blamed him for the death of a fellow comrade. Guys would eventually join the Band of the Hawk run by the great commander Griffith. Guts carries many powerful weapons and armor. Guts carries the Dragon Slayer sword, a massively heavy and big sword meant to destroy the armor of both man and beast. The cannon arm hidden in his armor gives him great element of surprise and gives a powerful blow to his enemies. The Berserker Armor; a very powerful armor that numbs his sense of pain and enhances all abilities with great risk of his body that could even wind up killing him.

Guts once killed an army of 100 men by himself and takes on beast on a daily basis. He truly is one to be reckoned with!

Who do you think will win!?

Who moves on to the next round!?

Let me know in the comments! Check out all super Sunday's: click right here! These people here are pretty cool! @tbell2 @VoidX @hikaymm @Danse @InVinsybll Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
Closed!!! The winner is Piccolo! Thank you to everyone who voted look out for the next fight later today!
that's not even a fair fight for most dbz character.
piccolo. Mr Clever Fighter
I love Guts so much. He's taken on some incredibly powerful beings and managed to keep up with them. I think he would be a solid match against Piccolo, but ultimately, Piccolo would win. I think he has more ability to sustain himself. he can regenerate and fly, so he could tactically regroup while Guts really has to press the offense super hard. Piccolo could wind up running him down and finishing him with a special beam cannon
I'm gonna go with Guts
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