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Brides, your wedding reception food needs to LOOK SEXY ON A PLATE, even if it's a collection of humble ingredients, like chicken and potatoes. So ask yourself, and your caterer, will the food you'll be serving look as sexy as this plate, prepared by Paula de Luc Catering and photographed by Josh Gruetz?!?!?!
Remember, we eat with our eyes first, our olfactories second, and lastly, with our mouths. You've got to set a dazzling display or plate of food to your guests that is exceptionally pleasing to the eyes and nose before one bite is taken.
My suggestion is to find and identify beautiful, sexy looking plates of food. Then once you've narrowed down a few caterers who make the food, find out about their tasting profiles. Does the food actually stand up to how it looks? And of course, pricing! You need to budget accordingly.
When you think of food for your wedding, what are you imagining?
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