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Alright so I seriously just woke up and saw all of this, so I'm sharing it with you guys now. Soompi: VIXX releases a “Conception Art Film” that gives a sneak peek into the concept for the group’s upcoming comeback. With thrilling music, the black and white video provides a sense of mystery and acts as an invitation to anticipation for VIXX’s return. VIXX teases “Conception” comeback concept. Say that fast three times. What concept will VIXX return with next? That’s the question many were asking after news of VIXX’s comeback first became known. Now VIXX gives us a small hint with a teaser image that shows a silver, metallic heart against a black background along with the words “VIXX 2016 Conception.” The image comes with the message “#VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION 03.29 00AM Coming Soon. #VIXX_2016_CONCEPTION #20160419_0AM” on VIXX’s Twitter account. The next teaser is due March 29 at 0:00 a.m. KST, with the album coming out April 19. Are you ready for VIXX? YES I'M READY FOR MY BABIES! WHAT ABOUT YOU GUYS????
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@EmilyPeacock Someone shares your theory, they posted it on Tumblr!
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@EmilyPeacock I'm about to post what they said
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