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Okay, so I was given a test to see what Harry Potter house I belong in, I always swore I was in Slytherin But I was totally wrong as you can see above. Here is the link to the test, I used on my junk emails to sign up and got my results after answering a few questions. Take your quick quiz, and share with the rest of us!
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Well, my account before they redid the site was Gryffindor. I took some quiz where someone compiled all of the Pottermore questions (cuz they change it up) and my breakdown was about equal parts Gryffinpuff with slightly more Hufflepuff. My new account is Hufflepuff, so that's how I identify!
Sweet! I'm still trying to figure out how I'm Gryffindor because I feel it does not fit me lol. But I guess the hat knows, right?
@LAVONYORK Yeah, I was confused when my first account was sorted into Gryffindor, but I guess the hat just knows! (I'm like 78% Hufflepuff, 76% Gryffindor, apparently)
I'm all about slytherin >:)