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Day 78 of the 250k transformation challenge. I had audio technical difficulties and didn't realize any of my audio was recorded on my video, so sorry there's just background music. I only out in the weigh in, hand held body fat analyzer results and my flexed and non flexed state. I had a great weekend and was able to control myself with only having 2 drinks, and eating 2 slices of pizza and some bbq wings. On Easter Sunday I went out to brunch with my kid and roommate and I got some pork ribs, a beef bone and veggies. I'm making sure to eat my veggies as my sides going forward as I'm cutting down my carbs for the final week. It's week 12, and Sunday is the last day for the transformation challenge. As far as eating goes, it hasn't been too much of struggle using the aggressive fat loss program because I can eat my carbs and proteins. In fact, he recommends eating potatoes and doesn't rely on the glycemic index of the carbs. Simple or complex, it doesn't matter on this program. I love the fact that I can feel full when I eat and still lose inches off my waist. Let's see what this week brings and I hope everybody has a great Monday! In case you're wondering what the aggressive fat loss program is, here's a link: http://udskam.xyz
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Awesome update. Thanks for sharing the fat loss program. I'll check it out now!