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I have to drive at least an hour to an hour and half to work each day.
Due to the traffic.....And I had like 100+ songs on my playlist for me to enjoy while driving. Today I get my playlist to shuffle mode.
Henry Lau's song (I am Trapped) pop up, Stuck on the freeway I do feel trapped.
As I drove along……BTS songs pop up as (I am Bullet Proof). I feel like to speed up right now!! I am bullet proof!! Yeah!!
Right when I am about to speed up more Infinite song’s pop up (Danger)….Ok Ok…is danger…I might get speeding ticket…
And I heard my text notification ring tone …I am about to get my cellphone to see who texting me…..Epik High’s song pop up (Love is bad)..
All I can heard is “bad bad bad bad….baddddd”….Ok I got it!!! is a bad idea.
Finally I am about to get to my work place….Beast song’s pop up (Good Luck) Good luck to you………..why do I feel there is someone watching me.
What is wrong with my playlist...!!!! I been watched...!!!!