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There's only three days left in the month, and I am curious as to any updates from anyone who is participating the challenge.
I must admit that in the last week, I have been struggling a little bit. Since I was so caught up in other things, and I was insanely busy, the gym was sort of put on the back burner. Although I did make an effort to take walks, I wasn't weight-training or doing any intense cardio last week.
The good is my diet is still on point and I am eating healthy. But then again, healthy eating has never really been a struggle for me. I have kept the few pounds I've lost off and I am still vegetarian. ;)
Today's goal is to drink at least 1 gallon of water!

How's The Challenge Going!?

@alywoah but every inch in my body hurts 馃槚 I trained till I dropped Saturday
@ebethoven you did better than me, I didn't start!
didn't make it 馃槚
Can I make March 2017 better?
I'm going to write a card later about my update, and thing I'm looking forward to next month!!
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