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This past weekend I was indulging in a few glasses of wine and YouTube videos, when I stumbled upon eating challenges. I might be a little late in this trend, let me tell you about it. It's a challenge where you have 24-hours to eat 10,000 calories! It seems like the type of vloggers who are participating in this challenge are those who are into fitness.
It's a struggle for me to even consume just a fraction of that! However, I think if I was still competitively powerlifting, I can totally pack in the 10,000 calories -- especially if those calories came from foods like fried chicken (okay, so maybe 5,000 calories).
Fun fact: I once ate a whole bucket of fried chicken and I was still able to rock out lean abs in a bikini. After the bucket was done, I was still hungry (see being fit makes you hungry).

Anyway, would you this sort of challenge? Or is it too much?

Yeah, I totally do not recommend the challenge, but it's interesting to see other people doing it...
That's a lot lol maybe if I gorge on fast food and wine but idk if I could eat that much
This would be soooooo easy to do! I would gladly do this challenge. Actually, the real challenge is to ONLY do it once!!!!!! hehehehehe
@aanderson2789 smart planning. That does sound doable!
Also, what kind of masochist weighs themselves at the end of a 6,000 calorie food binge?
This was SO NOT GOOD for my (1,200 - 1,500 calorie) diet.
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