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Everyone has something they would want to try out if they were ever born as the other gender, and Lee Joon offered his 4D response bringing laughs as usual! The 14th's episode of KBS 2TV's 'Full House' touched upon the topic of being reborn as the opposite gender. So just what was Lee Joon's response? Well, he said, "When I saw the movie 'Piranha', I saw a scene where about 80 women wearing bikinis come out. They looked so pretty as they played beach volleyball together like that, and I thought, 'I want to try that, too,''"revealing his secret desire to play on the beach in a bikini! MC Lee Kyung Kyu didn't exactly agree with him on the dressing in a bikini part, but he was interested in watching this movie with 80 women in bikinis as he asked, "Can you tell me the exact title of this movie again?", bringing laughs on set. So what about you? If you could be reborn as the opposite gender, what would you want to do? From allkpop
totally misunderstood. .he's never say anything about it, it's just the only way , they can see woman's almost nake is in movie's, then of course is something different, and is awesome play volleyball in bikini. .fighting lee joon, come to usa and wear a bikiny .....I know all woman's should be really happy...
i think what he said was adorable! i would say that if i was reborn as a man, i would like to go do what he said about watching all the women in a bikini.
that's funny to read this, my hubby thinks he is gay
hahaha @bonniekatzell I bet it's something he said to make the show fun, don't take it too seriously ;)
ok TMI that just ruins the whole Idol star image... sorry but that kind of stuff should never come out unless he is gay of course, then i guess for some it wouldn't matter...
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