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You were in the park by yourself taking a walk, when you saw two couples kissing, and another couple holding hands, and another couple having a picnic. ughhhhh this sucks everyone and their mamas are getting kisses from their partners… its not like you were single and just being jealous , the problem was you had a boyfriend, you guys were dating for two months now and he still hasnt kissed you. you sat down on a bench thinking to yourself What if he doesnt like me anymore Oh my gosh what if he thinks i have stank breath! This is so frustrating!!! you yelled running your fingers through your hair. Im gonna talk to moonbin about this you get up and run to the boys dorm room. You let yourself in since you knew were the spare key was. Guys? are you here? you yell Where is everyone? you took off your shoes and decided to just look around, while you were looking you heard muffled voices coming from moonbins room. you get closer listening to the conversation. So jinjin have you and y/n kissed yet the voice belonged to moonbin you heard jinjin choking on whatever he was drinking What? Why would you ask that? Im just curious ive never seen you guys hold hands or hug or anything I mean its not like I dont want but i feel like she doesnt want to i dont know… You stare at the door in disbelief and without thinking you just walk in OF COURSE I WANT YOU TO KISS ME PABO! Y/N?! he quickly gets up face completely red whoops looks like rocky needs me see ya moonbin says quickly slipping out of the room. Ignoring him you continue your rant DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW MANY HINTS IVE DROPPED?! IVE LITERALLY DONE EVERYTHING FROM BITING MY LIP IN FRONT OF YOU EVERY TIME WE HAVE A CONVERSATION TO WEARING SHIRTS THAT SAY KISS ME! So what youre saying is i can kiss you? You sigh looking at the boy, like he was from the moon Kiss me. You say walking up to the blushing boy What like right now?? Yes right now! this whole time i kept thinking you didnt really like me do you- he quickly cut you off pulling you by the waist and pressing his soft lips to yours,quickly melting into the kiss you grab a fistful of his shirt pulling him closer than he already was, it was slow, and intense leaving you literally breathless. You slowly pull back to catch your breath, face burning. Well..umm..yeah we should do that more often you say clearing your throat. Heck yeah we should do that more, next time you want a kiss just say something y/n ill be more than happy to give you a kiss he says giving you a smug smile mhmm whatever you say pulling him down for another kiss.
This made me squeal I can't 😆💕
XD And I though MY old bf was clueless!
awwww. my feelz. oh Mai gurhd 😄😄😄
Omg I love this. I loved it even more because JinJin is my bias