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"Who are you?" "You don't remember me.... did it affect you that bad?" "I'm sorry but I don't have time for this." She closes the door, leaving me questions (again) if I made the right decision or not. Other than her figure, her attitude has also changed. She sounds more rude and hurtful, what made her turn like this?. Without realizing that I was still outside her house, she walks out again this time with a more annoyed expression. "Yah, what's your name?" "Kim Namjoon". She paused and then went back to normal. "Kim Namjoon-ssi, can you please leave before I call the police? it really is creeping me out and annoying me." Instead of giving her a sad look I fake a smile, bowed and left. How could she not remember me by my own name either? she did look like she was thinking about it though. If she can't remember me.... then.... does that mean she doesn't remember our first kiss? she has to remember that at least. Sadness and the urge of crying comes over me and finally, the tears I didn't spring out back then come out in full waves and the warmth I felt while standing in front of her is gone once again, but this time with a much more hurt and icy-cold feeling. ~~~~ I walk back home and once I got there I wasn't greeted by my stubborn mother, not that I was expecting anything from her. She gives me the glares I missed so much (sarcastic) and doesn't even bother on smiling. "Well hello to you too mom." "I thought I told you to not come back until I told you to. Don't you have pity on your old mother? all I wanted was for you to have a great education, be as smart or SMARTER than your own sisters, but as always you never do as I say. You are Kim Namjoon, my only son and youngest of my children.... you're better than this." "And what have you been doing, huh? bathing in that huge bathroom of yours, getting spiled by dad and not even bothering to call your son, Kim Namjoon, to know how he's doing or have a simple conversation. I really do try to make you happy mom but I can't always follow in my sisters' footsteps, hell, I don't think I ever will. So yeah I left the states, so great that I'm finally back home with my lovely family (sarcastic again)." "Tsk, tsk, tsk..... just like your father: ungrateful." ~~~~ I've never managed to to speak to my sisters, they've been busy with their lives and the've always been there for me and actually cared about me. But after I left I didn't hear from the 3 of them. The only on of my sisters that I'm very close to is NamJi: she's a down-to-Earth person and doesn't really care for mom's nagging or anyones. "Namjoonie, stop worrying about (Y/N), I mean, if she doesn't remember you then she doesn't remember you. Both of you can move on from middle school sweathearts to grown adults with your own lives." " It's not that simple, we've been best friends since 2nd grade moving to boyfriend and girlfriend in 7th grade and because of my departure... it's all over." "I think that what you should do is make her remember you, you know, make her bring those memories back. You'll see that in no time she'll remember ya... you just gotta have hope." "Have you seen the way she acts now? she's become rude and uncaring, it'll be hard." "Little brother, remember what mom said to all of us when we were younger?: "Love can soften even the hardest of hearts". You might think mother doesn't care about you but she really does care. She helped you become friends with (Y/N) and was more than happy when you graduated high school, she even cried which is rare of her to do." "I guess... we'll see. And if it doesn't work then there's nothing else I can do."
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