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Warning: Story contains minor violence and suicidal thoughts/actions, as well as some language. Reader discretion is advised

Part One Part Two Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Reapers: Disease: TaeHyung Suicide: YoonGi
Some crappy apartment in the edge of town. Some crappy town in the middle of nowhere. Some crappy people roaming the streets outside. It was all just a crappy life that everyone had, that's why you picked here. The rusted metal stairs groaned out under the weight of your feet. You were dragging ass to the third story apartment that was currently called home. You didn't want to feel anymore, didn't want to care. The apartment door swung open, revealing the bare living room. No furniture, save an air mattress in the corner. What was the point of making a comfortable home if it didn't last? You stared at the home you'd created. It looked more like a drug addict had found a place to bed down. It looked like a ruined building who's occupants weren't meant to be there. Dust and dirt littered the floor and one lone light sat next to the air mattress. Tears, hot and heavy, spilled out. They rained down into your hands as you sank to the floor. This was no way to live, no way to even survive. You weren't thinking clearly. Without even making an effort, you were in the bathroom. Broken mirror staring back, you downed a bottle of pills. "I told you I couldn't take you." "Why?! Why can't you just let me die?! Why let me keep living this miserable existence?!" Your stomach purged itself. Pills and everything else that happened to be in there, were now in the toilet. "You are dying." YoonGi leaned over, tugging your hair aside ",He's killing you slowly and keeping you from getting help." "I don't have any diseases YoonGi. I made sure, I got tested for everything." It was barely above a whisper. "They don't test for disease of the mind." - YoonGi had left hours ago, leaving you curled in a sobbing ball on the 'bed'. Disease of the mind, how wonderful that just sounded. He was killing you in the slowest way possible. The front door creaked open and you barely moved to check it. Honestly if someone's breaks in, you aren't dying so caring was senseless. When it closed and the lock clicked in place, you peered over the blanket. "YoonGi sent me to watch over you." He was taller and voice that was edged with worry. "You can leave. I don't need someone to watch me, I won't die." You eyed him as he moved closer, taking a seat next to you. "He said you needed help. Mental diseases are tricky. I'm Jin by the way." He smiled. "Who do you take?" "Death by Age. I take the young and old." Jin moved to press his back to the wall. "Then go take the last on two and leave me be. TaeHyung won't kill me anytime soon." You pressed down into the pillow. "TaeHyung isn't on your death tag."
As usual I'm crossing my fingers for Yoongi. 😂
please continue! I'm loving this so far!!
damn girl
I love this so much😍
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