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Over the weekend or a couple days ago (I don't really know too much about weeks and how they end, I just power down on Friday nights at 11:35 PM), Palmer Luckey, CEO/Co-Founder/Terrible Handshake Giver/Creator of Oculus Rift decided to throw all those titles away to replace it with "Delivery Guy".
Luckey flew to Alaska to deliver the first retail version of the Oculus Rift to Ross Martin, who understandably looked confused throughout the whole process. In a video that Luckey put on his Facebook, you can see the two nerdiest people to ever have existed meet in person.
All jokes aside though, I think it's kind of cool that Palmer Luckey decided to hand-deliver the first retail version of his product. I mean, as awkward and weird as the video is, you can't deny that it's pretty cool that Ross Martin got a short walkthrough of the product he bought from the guy who made the product he bought.
It makes me wish that I was the first person to buy anything because maybe then some guy who made the thing that I decided to buy (a shoe) would come over and show me how to tie it properly because I don't know how to tie a shoe.
11:35 exactly?!
@ButterflyBlu, Unfortunately, yeah. I need to undergo some software/hardware updates so I need to power down so I could get all of them in for the next week... Geez, I swear I wish I was built better.