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The other day, a new commercial for the game Fate/Grand Order came out, and it is chock full of delightful anime goodness. In just a 15 second commercial, a whole lot happens.

The trailer is above so you can check out the high-octane action.

It looks like Aniplex was responsible for the animation of the ad, though more research shows that the key animators for this 15-second spot were actually freelancers hired for the project: Takahito Sakazume and Shun Enokido.
Lots of crazy, high-impact action in this commercial. You've got these two lancers duking it out in a barren plateau, and then this crazy looking science lion shooting a beam of bright energy out of his chest. Checks out.

A badass archer shooting off an incredibly powerful arrow, destroying a rock wall.

And this must be the bad guy, right? He has bad guy eyes and attire, anyway. He finished out the trailer in a bright, fiery blaze. The entire ad goes so fast that a lot of this stuff is easily missed, but thankfully you cn set youtube videos to play at half speed.
To be honest when I first saw this commercial, I thought it was for an upcoming anime in the Fate series. Actually, it's just promotional material for a smartphone game that already exists. I think it's cool when games that have an anime aesthetic use animation in their ads to promote it. Even if the game doesn't look quite like this, it's still cool to take the material to this level.
If you're curious, this is what the gameplay looks like. Seems like a JRPG through-and-through, with characters taken from the Fate Series, like Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade works and Fate/Zero.
It seems to be region-locked though, so it isn't something you can pick up on your smartphone if you aren't in Asia.
@IsaacMarch right? looks hella cool.
oh god all I can say is half mast
I wanted to do a sword collage with one from each anime that I watched but Idk how to structure it and I don't want a bunch of random swords floating around my body lol.
I can't do face tattoos because I'm in the navy, and that's a lot of trust that I don't have lol
@IsaacMarch get saber's face tattooed onto your own face
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