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We're handing out superlatives!

Just like in your high school yearbook. Here's how it works:
+During the week we'll nominate characters for the week's theme
+Each character needs three likes or three comments to be nominated
+We'll vote in the final round on Sunday!
This week's theme is:

That's right!!!

Last week's winner was: Deadpool! For most flawed ^_^
I love the people nominating Ironman lol. I think Ironman or Captain America would work.
Ironman, he has no filter.
@JimTurpen I will say that you are right to a degree. If you base it off the movies then yes I guess Tony lied (can't say for sure never got around to watching Age of Ultron), BUT in the comic's Tony didn't create Ultron, Hank Pym. But Wolverine is a good pick anyways, he doesn't remember enough to really lie
I got to thinking, Ironman and Banner kinda went behind everyone with the Ultron thing, right? I might have to side with @NickDabon on a Wolverine vote
as far as honesty goes I'd say wolverine, he's as honest and blunt as they come
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