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Is it just me or is there now one "perfect" answer to studying well? It's pretty dang hard to determine what works best for you when studying! But when you understand yourself a little more, it's a bit easier to see what will help you best.
Requested by @2Distracted that we dive into Study Habits for each MBTI. If you haven't taken an MBTI assessment - take it here!!
These study habits can be applied to school but also to daily life, work, and if you are learning any new skill.

Extrovert (E) vs. Introvert (I)

Extroverts try: Group/partner studying! You are a people person, so try getting together a group that works really hard! Pick a partner to go through the notes together, discuss material you had a hard time understanding, or practice flash cards with. Warning, though: As an extrovert it's pretty easy to get caught up with other things in the conversation. Make sure you pick a group that sticks to the material, not just your friends!
Introverts try: Individual studying! You have more focus and energy by yourself. So keep it that way when you study. I creative way to work on you own would be to try a mind map, refreshing your note, or creating quizzes for yourself.

Sensing (S) vs. Intuitive (N)

Sensing try: Hands-on Activities! Yup, you love to use your hands. Try building models or notes. Crumple up the notecards you get to make a pile, use a whiteboard to draw and write out your notes! Or just get creative and build a mind map with things around you house.
Intuitive try: Using your imagination! You are bursting with creativity, so put that to use in your studying. You can get pretty creative making up a story , linking terms to names, or creating jingles. Try any funny mnemonic to keep those creative juices going!

Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F)

Thinking try: Logically connect the dots. Thinkers just love logic, so studying for them seems second-nature (because you tend to "study" in your head all the time). Try channeling that energy into studying by digging deeper into the material. It might be easier for you to remember the material if you remember WHY something occurs.
Feeling try: Studying in a positive environment! Because you pick up emotions and feeling from others easily, it's pretty normal that you will get stressed out during study time. Everyone else is pretty stressed too. Try focusing on a positive environment that makes you focus more. I like being around people who are focused and not stressed -like in a calm coffee shop or at the library!

Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P)

Judging try: Use highly-structured note-taking. You love organizing your notes in class, so it's pretty easy to follow those along already. Now take those notes and organize how you want to study them. That way you are on track every time you sit down to study!
Perceiving try: Write down the times you study. You are naturally spontaneous, so studying is never fun for you. Focus that spontaneous energy in spurts of studying. Write down when and what you study during those times, so next time you get a sudden energy to study, you can pick up where you left off! Make sure to start studying early though, otherwise that energy might turn into procrastination!
Since my MBTI is ENFJ I would try to focus on working in groups or with partners. I would use my imagination, study in a positive environment, and focus on my highly-structure notes!

What's your combination for a positive study experience?

@LindaGuandique Yay!! I'm happy I did it well :)
spot on....surpirsed how well it knows my study habits lol
@szewwy That's impressive actually!! It took me forever to totally get my groove with studying. I never really had a perfect fit until Sophomore year. @Ercurrent I like coffee shops too!!
Yeah, I'm definitely the person that needs to study in a cafe or library with someone else I'm friends with. Even if we're both working in silence, it's still a great motivator.
I'm all about studying by myself in a coffee shop but with headphones so I can jam to kpop while I study.
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