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What's Your Favorite Video Game Easter Egg?
Yesterday was Easter and amidst all the looting of little eggs in my backyard, I started thinking about my favorite easter eggs in video games. There's that classic one from Adventure, and then there's that whole book about finding 3 Easter Eggs and 3 Keys.
But nothing compares to the first easter egg I've found on my own (without the help of the Internet). It's a fairly simple one and it's kind of funny in a weird "oh boy" sort of way. It's from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and it's on top of the "Golden Gate Bridge" or whatever Rockstar's version of that is called.
If you use your Jetpack to get to the top of the bridge. You'll simply find a sign that says, "There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go away." And even though the sign says there aren't any easter eggs up there, the sign is basically an easter egg, right? There are a ton of other secrets in the GTA games that I loved but this one, since it was the first one I found on my own will always be one of my favorites.
But what about you guys? What's some of your favorite easter eggs in games? Are they ones you've found yourself? Or just ones you saw on the Internets? Let me know in a comment or a card!
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Yours is good! I like the pictures of Mario and friends hanging in the castle in the beginning of Ocarina of Time, when you first see Zelda. It's a simple one, but good, nonetheless.
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