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You've heard of Paul Revere.

But do you know about the heroic young woman who rode TWICE as far as he did to warn the Revolutionary forces of the approaching British Army? Sybil Ludington was only sixteen years old when she made *her* midnight ride on April 26, 1777. She rode forty miles to warn the militiamen under her father's command, starting at 9pm and ending at dawn. Makes my teenage years sound pretty underwhelming by comparison.

It wasn't a jolly adventure either.

At one point she had to defend herself from highwaymen. Oh, and it was also kind of rainy. But she rallied almost 400 soldiers, and while they weren't able to stop the British destruction in Danbury, Connecticut, they joined the Battle of Ridgefield and drove back General William Tyron. This kid was no joke.

Let's hear it for this amazing young woman!

Let me know if there's someone you'd like to learn more about next!
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what about the babushka lady that no one seems to be able to find information on