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aw where do I start
one your almost too cute for you own good but at time you could be troublesome (#8)
when you don't laughed and your serious it looks scary to tell you the truth yet your so professional and passionate about what you love it's awesome to me so keep it up
We all love when you smile and joke around and went all no how much you love you member(mark) kekekekekeke or in other words you don't think we know your a hoe (Lol)
for instance #JACKBAM you guys are cute and all like how you indirectly kiss(#4) ok not convinced how about that almost kiss(#3) or when you kissed his cheek (=3=) hmmmm(#10) like come on Jackson your not being loyal like I know it your birthday and all but still no cheating on mark like we can see you you Jackson
but anyway happy birthday Jackson your finally 22!!!!