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I'm recently watching a TV show with one of my really good friends. Every night, we get together, turn on Netflix and watch an episode or two. It became a routine for us in the evening, and now we are almost done with the show (can you guess what show it is?)

I recently discovered I go through "stages" during the TV show that my friend pointed out. Here's the stages I (and maybe you) go through.

1. The "Who's that?" Stage

It's the beginning o the show, and I still don't remember the characters names or exactly what they do. So I continiously ask "Who's that??" in addition to a number o questions like, "Wait was that his daughter?" Or "So that's the guy that usually wears weird ties right??" I feel so bad for my friend in this stage.

2. The "That's You!" Stage

Everyone has a character they resonate with. My favorite thing during a TV show series is determining which character is "me" and which one is my friend that I'm watching it with. They might do something simple or like something that my friend likes, and I blatantly say "That's SO you." Just like how I know I'm Liz Lemon and my friend is Jenna, duh.

3. The "I Bet I Know What's Going to Happen" Stage

Ok, so now we are into the meat of the TV show, and I'm starting to understand the characters and what drives them. At the beginning of the show, I like to make mini-perditions for how they show is going to play out. Like: "Oh man they are so getting to gather at the end!" or "It wasn't him!! I have a feeling it was the other character that did it!" Again, I feel really bad for my friend at this stage.

4. Way Too Emotionally Invested in the Characters Stage

I cry a LOT in this stage of the TV show. The characters are revealing more about themselves and we are all growing attached to them. So what do I do to get by? I cry, I laugh, and FEEL what they are . Because TV show characters are real people too with REAL FEELINGS! *sobs*

5. The "I'm not ready for this to be over" Stage

Still sobbing during this stage. It usually happens in the last season. And I'm usually way too emotionally connected to the story and the characters to let it go. I also go though all the stages of grief including: denial, anger, depression and finally acceptance. The last episode really has to be good for me to get into the acceptance phase, otherwise I'm stuck in anger for a long time.
Then I find another TV show to watch, and it happens all over again...

What's it like to watch a TV show with you??

@danidee true!! I can MAKE THEM LOVE IT
@nicolejb Bahahah, or force them to tolerate you.
Man, I get stuck with the people that hate banter. haha I need to find new friends @danidee
@danidee I think people just don't like commentary for the most part... Which is weird to me!
I always make fun of different things when I'm watching a show, which some of my friends CAN'T STAND, but is truthfully how I invest in a show. I'm always making fun of the 'hunky' character's cheesy aesthetic or the female lead's horrible acting, but it's still a lot of fun for me!
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