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I'm soo happy!!! They did a new one and they reacted to

Twice-ooh ahh Got7- just right 4minute - hate

And I was dying swoozi and Taeyang I ship it😂😂😂
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Why does everyone always say creepy men in her room when it comes to that song! 😞 that's one of my favorite got7 songs because the message it's sends yet when they don't understand what's going on they somehow are creepy
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@Sammie99522 I know everyone says that and I'm like you can tell the message behind this video if you actually pay attention it's not to be creepy
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@Jiyongixoxo Yeah I was starting to get really upset at that point they should if explained so people don't misunderstand Got7 just from that video.
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lol swoozi the ultimate fanboy
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